Eurodomus Residential complex and offices Project: Nemesi Architects Type: Residential Year: 2004 Location: Rome, Italy Customer: Eurodomus’93 s.p.a Aerial: 60,000 square meters Works: € 75.000.000 Services: Status: restricted competition A new concept of living Wanting to enhance the value of the community conceived as a “sum of people” bearers of uniqueness and differences, it was...

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Generali Tower, Via Bassi

Generali Tower Via Bassi Redevelopment of directional buildings Project: Nemesi Architects Typology: Offices Year: 2015 Location: Milan, Italy Customer: Generali RE Area:  -61 apartments-6100 sqm + 2500 sqm of terraces Amount of works: € Services: Status: restricted competition Headquarter Generali, Via Bassi, Milan The Project of the new Business Park of Via Bassi in the...

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