Generali Tower, Via Bassi


Generali Tower Via Bassi

Redevelopment of directional buildings

Project: Nemesi Architects

Typology: Offices

Year: 2015

Location: Milan, Italy

Customer: Generali RE


-61 apartments
-6100 sqm + 2500 sqm of terraces

Amount of works: €


Status: restricted competition

Headquarter Generali, Via Bassi, Milan

The Project of the new Business Park of Via Bassi in the scenario of Demolition and Reconstruction intends to build a layered image with a strong landscape and Landmark Urbano for Milan.

The goal is to create a modern Executive Campus that identifies and organizes in a coherent way public and private spaces, common services and office spaces, primary and secondary access to the complex.

The project works on the idea of stratification and excavation, both in the articulation of the Volume of the Tower, as well as the horizontal volume connected to it, and the underlying volume-landscape.


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