In architecture, as in music, having beautiful notes is not enough. It takes a pentagram, it takes a melody.

We are an architectural and urban design agency, based in Rome, Milan and Shenzhen. Our network was founded in 1997 under the guidance of Michele Molè, who has been joined by Susanna Tradati since 2004.

Nemesi has gained significant experience in the design of offices, residences, infrastructures, cultural and leisure spaces, public buildings and master plans, with a view to satisfying the different needs of public and private clients. In response to the specificities and challenges of the contemporary world, Nemesi approach is characterised by the ability to focus on the potential of the project, enhancing its functional, environmental and economic aspects.

Nemesi professionals are curious and passionate architects, graphic artists, designers who participate in the research path towards excellence which is the basis of our work.  This is why all of our professionals, as well as in their professional assignments, are involved in design contests that always make us face new challenges and allow us to compete in the international context, and to grow even through failures, always learning something new. Covering over 1,000 m2, Nemesi has its headquarters in Rome, in the Pietralata district, inside the former Luciani wool mill, a building dating back to the 1940s whose spaces were reconverted in 2007 with the intention of creating a citadel of art and architecture.


From the philosophical and scientific research on the interdependence of complex phenomena, Nemesi pursues ‘depth’ as a stylistic form

– in opposition to the simplification of reality – in line with the cultural and aesthetic heritage of the Italian tradition. Our curiosity and passion for contemporary languages translates into cutting-edge research in the field of architecture and urban design, supported by solid technical know-how. 

Our architecture is the result of a deep and continuous experimentation and reworking of contemporary expressive languages, in dialogue/interaction with constantly evolving new technologies. The research and the professional activity of the studio materialise through a meticulous and rigorous work on the form and on the underlying languages capable of expressing technological, functional and performance contents through coherent and poetic writings. 


Nemesi is an unexpected, unconventional, and therefore unique way of designing and thinking

The projects elaborated, albeit in their diversity, are easily recognisable in the design spirit that takes on the challenge of grasping and (re)interpreting the complexity of contemporary society to return it in architectural forms full of impetus and energy. Architectural forms are ‘alive’ thanks to their ability to interact with natural components that penetrate and cross them (light, air, water); “alive” because they are thought of in close relationship with the (natural and urban) context they internalise to become an active part of it; last, but not least, “alive”, because they are conceived as a function of the community that will populate that “space” transforming it into a “place”. 

Thus, architecture takes on a strong experiential and emotional dimension: dynamic and fluid lines generate variable paths, perspectives and points of view; the use of “spurious” materials and transparent and reflective surfaces multiplies and diversifies vision.

In the continuous dialogue between landscape, innovation, tradition and sustainability we seek a complex and deep architectural language, which transcends appearance, to make “utopia” a reality. 



the quality of the project, a central value of the Italian urban and landscape tradition, is put as a focus of the reasoning on urban transformation; as opposed to the trivialisation of reality.
we constantly seek dialogue with new technologies, to enhance creativity and control of the project, anticipating the highest standards of integrated sustainability
we investigate reality and the complex mechanisms that underlie it, working with a systemic and integrated approach to design, with a 360° look at the impact of the project on Society
we shape the future through architecture while keeping a critical eye on change, in order to help transform utopia into reality, never ceasing to dream.
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