A Project is not truly such if it does not produce Value

Our design experience is transversal and based on an important premise: creating value.

The architectural project is an essential tool for building value for both a public and private client. 

We seek a shared dialogue with our Partners, so that starting from their strategic objectives, we identify tailor-made project scenarios, to give shape to their identity and help them grow, generating long-term value through the Project.  

For us, the Project is a path that intersects the aesthetic dimension with organisational, technological, and economic performances, in compliance with environmental and social sustainability.

A quality project is an investment that generates transversal value for individuals and the community.


Our experience in architectural and urban design is extensive and includes the design of places for living, working, leisure, research, hospitality and health.

We follow all the project development phases, from feasibility to executive and construction design, in dialogue with the companies involved, adopting a project management approach to guarantee the process. Over the years we have developed a multidisciplinary integration capability that verifies and interpolates the complex design requirements starting from the technical-economic feasibility, the first crucial moment of a project, then controlling its development to its completion.

The evolution of housing and working needs that we have witnessed in recent years has led us to think about new hybrid building types capable of guaranteeing people’s well-being, even beyond the cold standards taken into consideration by today’s market, identifying specific design strategies that are able to concretely improve people’s quality of life.

Add to this the opportunity offered by new technologies to improve the user experience in the relationship with spaces, to offer richer and more interactive life experiences.


The important experience gained over the years in the field of architectural and urban planning has allowed us to develop parallel and transversal know-how which includes in-depth knowledge of urban planning, building and authorisation regulations and processes.

The desire to make this know-how available to various types of customers, even beyond the process involving the project has matured as a consequence.


The experience of Eng. Daniele Benedetti and other partners who have personally taken part in urban planning, consolidates this competence by offering a wide and consolidated range of services related to urban planning consultancy.


The activity gained in Interior and Exhibit design – with which our Company was born- and the collaboration developed over time with companies and customers in the Interior, Exhibit and “Food & Retail” sector allows us to offer a service dedicated to the design of interior spaces,

with specific attention to the ongoing evolution in living the public and private spaces, involving the choice of furnishings, equipment, finishes and materials, with the preparation of permanent and non-permanent exhibition spaces, and including those management aspects that today characterise Exhibit and Retail Design and the design strategies of the points of sale, in a turnkey service that goes from concept design to construction management.


We carry out Project management and Works Supervision services dedicated to the management of complex projects in the real estate market, guaranteeing high quality in compliance with deadlines, costs and performances,

in addition to internal Project Management which monitors the progress of the design in order to check for its consistency in terms of objectives, strategies and performance, from feasibility to construction, in a continuous dialogue with the customer, the interested parties and the various subjects involved.


The studio’s research and professional activity are carried out through an integrated approach to design, giving shape to our idea of integrated and advanced “sustainability”

far from the common stereotypes assumed by the word itself. In our research, integrated sustainability is taken as a guiding criterion from the preliminary stages of the project, influencing the decisive choices through close dialogue with specialists in the sector, our partners. We like to talk about the “positive impact” that the project can generate, anticipating the impact that the project will have once completed, bringing economic, social and environmental benefits and generating a positive impact on the territory and society.

Our ESG Vision helps the client in the selection of project strategies, paying particular attention to the application of ESG (environmental social, governance) criteria, from the preliminary phase of the architectural concept. 

The architectural solutions proposed in our projects are in line with the UN Agenda 2030 and the 17 sustainable development goals connected to it, in a carbon neutral logic of maximum reduction of energy consumption, obtained by monitoring the design parameters through the most innovative technologies related to BIM and the life cycle of the components used.

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