Hainan Airport


Hainan Airport, Cina

Project: Nemesi Architects

Typology: Airport Airport

Year: 2012

Customer: Haikou Municipality (Meilan Airport)


2020_ 203,500 m² total -T1 80,000 m²-T2 123,500 m²
2040_ 150,400 m²

Amount of works: €


Status: restricted competition 

Hainan Airport

The proposed project seeks to translate in a poetic and contemporary way what seemed to be the original character of the territory of the island of Hainan existence of the most important coral reef on the Chinese coast. Just this feature of ‘coral’ island dense landscape scenarios of strong impact has determined the design of the new airport terminals, A large self-similar ‘coralline’ surface develops to determine a rhythmic and syncopated tissue of voids and solids going to define the entire sequence of spaces and functionality required in a unique and poetic gesture. The same texture of this roof/surface perforated by a variable system of skylights of organic shape seems to evoke both outside and inside the spaces of the terminal the whole experience of a marine world.

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