Palazzo Sistema


Nuovo Palazzo Sistema 

New office destined to accommodate the Agencies and the Societies of the Lombardy Region

Project: Nemesi Architects

Typology: Offices

Year: 2022

Location: Milan, Italy

Customer: Regione Lombardia

Area: 350.000 sqm

Amount of works: €


Status: restricted competition

Nuovo Palazzo Sistema

We proposed to create a real design system that articulates full and empty generating an architecture-landscape.  The project aims to create an urban landmark characterized by the iconic Torre Sistema and a rich landscape base that relates to the surrounding urban fabric. The pyramidal prism shape of the tower defines its complex identity: that of a unique and rich urban system that welcomes different realities, according to the requests of the client. The project also aims to enhance the public dimension: the new complex will be perceived as open and usable, designing a sequence of evocative and characterized urban spaces. Both for users and citizens, the centrality of man and the social mix is required by the call. Here, the new palace of the Region will no longer be a closed building, but an innovative complex that will create a new urban environment also available to the citizens and that can be intensely lived. 

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