Loft Portico D’Ottavia.


Loft Portico D’Ottavia

Project: Nemesi Architects

Type: Residential

Year: 2000

Location: Rome, Italy

Client: Private

Area: 150 square meters

Work amount: € 800.000


Status: realized

Loft – Portico D’Ottavia

An essential and contemporary architecture, respectful of the strong identity of the place, is organized around a few simple elements and offers new vitality to an environment of great suggestion. The space that follows typologically similar to a loft, lives of a state of dialectic comparison between the historicity of the place and the introduction of a contemporary system: a technological system of steel and glass, that in addition to ensuring a static compromise system of wood beams, multiplies the spatiality within a sophisticated game of reflections and multiplication of perspectives.

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