Yun Xi Ting Center.


Yun Xi Ting Center

Project: Nemesi Architects

Type: Residential, Commercial

Year: 2019

Location: Shenzen, China

Customer: Huge Rock Design, Shenzhen

Area: 1800 sqm

Amount of works: €


Status: realized

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Yun Xi Ting Center

The idea behind the concept is that of a hollowed and fluid space, covered by curved surfaces in panels of feathers that simulate the idea of a cave – suspended and enveloping space, and metaphor that evokes water as the place of origin of life- that welcomes the visitor, surprising him.

This fluid and continuous space houses both the entrance and reception hall to the complex, the adjacent sales space and the exhibition spaces and offices, always located on the ground floor. The Sale Center also houses prototype apartments with sales offices. The interior space is conceived as a real protected public square, a meeting place and socialite’ in Shenzhen.

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