Piazzale dei Cinquecento.


Palazzo dei Cinquecento

Urban Redevelopment in Termini

Project: Nemesi Architects

Typology: Urban Design, Public Spaces, Central Station

Year: 2021

Location: Rome, Italy

Customer: Roma Capitale

Area: 35,000 square meters

Amount of works: €


Status: restricted competition

Palazzo dei 500

Participating in the competition on the redevelopment of Piazzale dei 500 in Termini was for us a way to think about the great strategic nodes of the city of Rome, not only in terms of infrastructure but also social and environmental. Through this proposal, we have expressed our idea of urban regeneration, which must reposition Rome as the Capital of Italy and an international metropolis, in which the language of contemporaneity, dialoguing with the signs of History,  contributes to the construction of the stratified city that binds the present time to the eternal time of a unique city in the world. The strong architectural identity of Roma Termini – which with its Piazza represents one of the strongest urban gestures and is unique for its size to the metropolitan scale along with the exceptional character of the area in which it is inserted, where the stratification of different eras and interventions finds a significant synthesis in its being a “bridge” between History and Contemporaneity, represent the greatest stimulus to the reflection on the project as well as a dutiful call to responsibility for the Vision in the direction to be given to the City, as Bruno Zevi did when he collaborated in directing the choice for the project of a modern and forward-looking Termini Station, giving an act of great foresight.  The Concept is based on the idea of giving the project of the square a dimension of urban-landscape infrastructure, as is the case today for major international capitals, based on a clear and organized structure, based on 3 primary gestures: the weaving, the paths, and the circle.

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