Loft Bandini.


Loft Bandini

Project: Nemesi Architects

Type: Residential

Year: 1999

Location: Rome

Client: Private

Area: 350 square meters

Amount works: € 1.000.000


Status: realized

Loft Bandini

The loft is located on the top floor of a Renaissance building in the central area of Rome, the Palazzo del Bufalo, designed by Giacomo della Porta. 

The project that follows is free of any didactic will to represent consolatory domesticity and puts as a metaphor for the new inhabiting the idea of landscape space.

Some surfaces on different levels cross the triple-height space of the building and through a sophisticated game of bending and deformation articulate the sequences of spaces and functions necessary for living. In this domestic landscape liberated and shaped by surfaces that run longitudinally covered in satin polished steel, the design objects are canceled leaving the place to a bottom, which articulates a series of cavities and concavity, suggesting new possibilities of use of domestic space.

Thus the walkway, which becomes a staircase and then the attic of the dressing area, can in turn become a dining table or sushi area, as well as the folds of the living room floor surface become an opportunity to imagine new and different seats. The surfaces that cross longitudinally the space of the building multiplying the possible goals create sequences of spatiality that emotionally involving and surprising, alluding in this to a space of movement, of crossing, without boundaries, the space of the landscape.

A system of mobile glass partitions determines a possibility of continuous reconfiguration of the spaces, favoring in this the materialization of the architectural ensemble that in its lightness is opposed to the tectonicity and the constructiveness of the envelope.

The crossing surfaces, reasoning on the theme of metamorphosis, in their advancing changing function, transform their structure and their nature, from sandblasted stainless steel surfaces to micro-perforated stainless steel surfaces, and in the most intimate spaces in slatted teak.

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