Grande Maxxi.


Grande Maxxi

Multifunctional Building and a System of Greenery and Public Spaces in the Maxxi Area

Project: Nemesi Architects

Typology: Museum of Culture

Year: 2021

Location: Milan, Italy

Customer: MAXXI, National Museum of Arts, Rome

Area: 3670 square meters

Amount of works: €


Status: restricted competition

Grande Maxxi

The concept for the great Maxxi is based on the conformation of a single architectural landscape system that connects the new project with the existing Museum, in a fluid and dynamic continuum, where architecture, public space, and landscape are part of a single integrated design that enhances the osmotic relationship between architectural volumes and urban voids.
In this urban osmosis architecture becomes Landscape and Landscape become Architecture, in a controlled metamorphosis in which it is the drawing of the void that represents the greatest element of connection with the MAXXI, while at the architectural level, it is the stratification of the design levels to seek correspondence with the current Museum system.

Another aspect that our proposal wanted to enhance, is the increasing importance that the open spaces of the museum have acquired over time, in extending the creative proposals of the Museum beyond the perimeter of architecture, in a dialogue that involved the city, also with important partnerships such as the one with the auditorium “Parco della Musica” and the Film Festival.

For this reason, our proposal wanted to further expand the urban space of Maxxi in maximizing the creative potential that this space can express, in close connection with the existing open spaces.

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