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Hainan Airport
Joomoo pavilion EXPO 2015
Italy Pavilion Expo 2015
Italy Pavilion Expo 2015
Guggenheim, Helsinki 2014

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Nemesi presents Italy Pavilion Expo 2015 at Casa dell'Architettura

By the occasion of the event "Natale di Roma", on April, 21st at 6 pm Nemesi will present at Casa dell'Architettura the realizatio... Read more

Concrete Utopia. EXPO2015 Italian Pavilion at FuoriSalone

During the FuoriSalone del Mobile in Milan, Nemesi will present the exhibition "Concrete Utopia. Italy Pavilion Milan Expo 2015" (... Read more

Book Italy Pavilion Expo 2015 with Skira publisher

It’s on going the book about the Italy Pavilion architectural design and construction curated by Luca Molinari with Nemesi and pub... Read more

Docu-film on the Italy Pavilion Milan Expo 2015

The documentary film conceived and edited by Nemesi on the architectural design and construction of the Italy Pavilion is underway... Read more