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The arch. Alessandra Giannone has been working with Nemesi since 2004, holding the role of Project Manager in various works of the Firm, including the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2015, the Eni Business Center in San Donato Milanese, and the Tesisquare Headquarters in Cuneo.



 Nemesi Architects, leading company in architectural and urban design with high innovative content, is developing a project of an Innovative Ecosystem Campus in Rome Tuscolana (Reinventing cities tender: and is searching for selected international partners/investors working in the fileds of innovation, research and creativity (like it companies , start up, scientific foundations, social enterprises, etc).

The idea is to collect the expressions of interest of the interested partners and investors, to answer to the application of Reinventing Cities and to give life to a multi-disciplinary Campus with a high architectural value, integrated into the landscape, with high accessibility , capable toi build community and added value for each company/ partner. Beauty and integration into the landscape, together with a multidisciplinarity approach, will be the guiding elements around which the campus will be developed. Those who are interested can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Internal deadline of the expressions of interest is april 20, 2020.


* Please consider that partecipation of qualified investors is necessary.

Workspace experience Firm-A event of FARAM Experience | Firm-A event of FARAM

Conference (6cfp)

February 18, 2020 | 14: 15-21: 00 | Architecture House


Among the protagonists Rudy Ricciotti, Bernard Khoury / DW5, Giammetta Architects, Susanna Tradati and Egidio Panzera


Info and Program:


The OAR has created a required Company-A project to involve selected partners in the construction supply chain with research, development and training incentives through a collaborative relationship with companies in order to promote and support the profession through a new training dimension of the highest level.

Among the initiatives there is also a master class with a series of meetings that will alternate international guests with Roman professionals. In the appointment made by Faram in 1957 he asked for his experience on the concept of workplace, on how to manage spaces based on criteria of design quality and functionality, selecting the professional and the team at the center.

Four talks are scheduled with professionals in the sector in which the guest will present significant work and will follow up on questions on the theme of the day with Gianluigi and Marco Giammetta, OAR delegates for the Firm-A project, Egidio Panzera, Art Director Faram moderated by Giorgio Tartaro .

The program, which includes the contribution of architects Susanna Tradati, Simone Capra, Stefano Converso and Cristiana Cutrona, is enriched with three lessons, a historical-theoretical one by Marc Augé and two by international professionals such as Rudy Ricciotti and Bernard Khoury.


Additional Info

  • Year 2019
  • Location Milan, Italy
  • Client Human Technopole
  • Status International competition
  • Title

    Education & Research


  • Subtitle
    Credits Human Technopole, Milan
  • Contents

    Design: Nemesi Achitects
    Location: Milan, Italy
    Date: 2019
    Client: Human Technopole




Now open: the loft in Rieti, interior design by Nemesi

The project for the apartment located in Palazzo Vincenti Mareri in Rieti deals - in poetic terms - with the relationships between the historical and contemporary dimensions of architecture, starting from recognizing the idea of ​​stratification as a prerequisite through which elaborate different actions that give life to the project. The loft, which works in fact on stratification as the value of the project, was conceived in 2016, and is freshly inaugurated.


Additional Info

  • Year 2019
  • Location Shenzhen, China
  • Client Authority of Qianhai Shenzhen- Bureau of Urban Planning and Natural Resources
  • Status International competition
  • Title

    Master Planning

  • Subtitle
    Credits The Coral - New Landmark in Quinhai Bay, Senzhen, China
  • Contents

    Architectural Project: Nemesi Architects

    Year: 2019

    Place: Shenzhen, China

    Client: Authority of Qianhai Shenzhen- Bureau of Urban Planning and Natural Resources

    Assignment: Preliminary project, International Design Competition

    Land area: 4.8 Ha

    Project surface: 51.000 m2




Additional Info

  • Year 2019
  • Location Shenzen, China
  • Client Huge Rock Design, Shenzhen
  • Status realized
  • Title

    Exhibit design

  • Subtitle
    Credits Yun Xi Jin Ting Center, Shenzhen
  • Contents

    Year: 2019

    Location: Shenzhen, China

    Client: Huge Rock Design, Shenzhen

    Assignment: Preliminary, definitive, executive design.

    Project surface: 1800 m2




Additional Info

  • Year 2020
  • Location Cherasco, Italy
  • Client Immobiliare Tesi Srl
  • Status Under Construction
  • Title


  • Subtitle
    Credits New Tesisquare Headquarter, Cherasco
  • Contents

    Architectural Project: Nemesi Architects

    Year: 2019 - in progress

    Location: Cherasco, Italy

    Client: Immobiliare Tesi Srl

    Assignment: Master plan, preliminary, definitive, executive design, artistic direction

    Land area: 3Ha

    Project surface: 4.330,00 m2






This year begins with what is, for us, both a magical number and a story: 20 years of history and projects!

Nemesi was born twenty years ago, at the beginning as small interior design studio in Rome, grouping some enthusiastic professionals who just graduated. Nemesi was ambitious, so much that , precisely in 2000, 20 years ago, the first important assignment arrived, winning the contest for the Multifunctional Center at the Quartaccio, to celebrate the Jubilee of Rome.

From there several other assignments, from small to medium-sized, have helped us to be known in the Roman and Italian panorama, and then to explore new realities across borders!

People, Places, Travels, Experiences, Adventures, Difficulties, Satisfactions, Projects, Visions, have accompanied us in these 20 years, always making us discover again and again the willing to know and experiment; not alone, but together with many professionals and people who collaborated and dreamed with us to build what Nemesis is today.


This is why in 2020 we want to tell you some of these stories, twelve steps that will make us navigate through the materials that made our studio history. In this way, each project becomes reasoning material on Nemesi's current work and on the issues we are interested in reflecting on.

Not a nostalgic reflection, but a run-up necessary for the jump towards the future. Thinking about the present, we wanted to give shape to this trip like a notebook, sketches that could graphically recall our work of origins ... as if we were at the bar of that restaurant that we designed 20 years ago thinking of Rome as if was California ... Follow us!




Human Technopole inaugurated at Italy Pavilion, Milan


In the presence of the Prime Minister, the Human Technopole scientific and technological research center was inaugurated at Italy Pavilion.

The structure, designed by Nemesi in the former Expo area now Mind, welcome Italian innovation and excellence. As Vice President Sala commented: "A great legacy that Expo has left us and, after five years, we celebrate the fruit of the institutional collaboration between the government, the Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Milan and also private individuals for the realization of this research center which is the most important for the human genome. "


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