Wu Su



Iacobucci Pietro  ARCHITECT

Guarany Marco



Perfido Monica


Perfido Monica  BIM DESIGNER

Giannone Alessandra  ARCHITECT

The concept for the new East Intermodal Hub in Shenzhen, integrating the new airport terminal, the new high-speed station and the subway stop of the Bao'an District, gives shape to the idea of ​​a new urban gateway to the city: this access metaphorically represents the "que", an important element of traditional Chinese culture and architecture, that is to say an urban gate flanked by two towers, from which a linear path originates.

Behind this 'door' which represents the striking landmark of the project, an architectural canyon is articulated: an urban and linear square / boulevard, in which the buildings that define the Intermodal Hub and its facilities become the scenographic backdrops along which this new rich and complex urban space, modeled and reminiscent of the great Chinese natural landscapes.

Considering the close relationship between the new intermodal hub and the city that surrounds it, the East hub Terminal, with its Superstructure covering the public access square, is conceived as a real urban centrality, which represents the extension of the city of Shenzhen and its public spaces up to the entrance of the airport terminal 3, thus constituting an integrated and suggestive pedestrian system.

The new urban centrality to which the project originates, will be a pleasant place, both for travelers and for the citizens of Shenzhen, conceived as a place to stay for shopping, relaxing and having fun (thanks to the numerous restaurants, innovative shops, spaces recreational and sports), just like in the center of a big city, with the main street and the roads that branch off from it.

The airport terminal and the Intermodal Hub, which will constitute the new East Hub Terminal, will push the old concept of terminal and station further forward, becoming a real place of urban centrality in which to go shopping, sport, or cultural and congress activities, all not necessarily linked to departure or arrival from the airport and station.



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