Italian Pavilion was chosen by MIBAC, Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism, as the cover image for the presentation of the new law of stability and in particular measures in support of culture and research. We are of course pleased that the draft Italian Palazzo has been chosen to represent the spirit of this decision, summarized in the slogan "Italy with the plus sign".

As written in the official page of MIBACT "after years of cuts grow resources for culture, new funds for the protection of cultural heritage and major projects: € 150 million in 2016, € 170 million in 2017, € 165 million by 2018. The budget MiBACT increases of 8% in 2016 and 10% in 2017. The stability law contains extraordinary measures and far-reaching for culture and tourism.

You return to invest and take and you do it by adopting a measure that, in derogation from the regulations in force, authorizes a competition for the permanent employment of 500 cultural heritage professionals. A choice of which we are proud and which confirms what the government Renzi has finally reversed the trend and come back after so many years, to believe in culture as a lever of development of the country by investing in museums, libraries, archives, film, performance and enhancing the role that every citizen can give to the protection of cultural heritage. "Dario Franceschini - official Matteo Renzi # italiaconilsegnopiù

Full details on the website of the minister:


Thursday, October 15 from 10:00 in the conference room on the first floor of the Russia Pavilion at Expo 2015, Michele Mole will be among the participants of the business forum "The unity of ideas - business success: Russia and Italy ". The conference will be held during the visit of the Delegation of the Mayor of Moscow and the Moscow Government in Milan and will be the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin to open the forum with the Chief Architect of the city of Moscow. S. O. Kuznetsov.

The forum is organized by the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Moscow with the participation of representatives of the authorities in Moscow, Milan and other municipalities and the business community and economy of Russia and Italy. An international event which will be discussed current issues of bilateral cooperation concerning the development of business relations and direct contacts between industrial entrepreneurs Italy and Russia.


Giannone Alessandra

Sistema Brescia dedicates a series of events at Expo 2015, to deepen one of the most important events of this year. A trip to stories and images taken directly from the organizers of the event.

The second installment of this series was dedicated to "Italian Pavilion", Thursday, June 18, from 18.00 in the ballroom of BREND - Palazzo Martinengo Colleoni. A journey from concept to the realization of this important work of Expo 2015, a story directed by the voice of the designers to understand the building capable of expressing Italy: history, identity and technological innovation of a nation. Guest of honor Susanna Tradati, partner of the architectural firm NEMESI.

Program and guests of the evening:

Welcome: Laura Castelletti - Deputy Mayor of Brescia
Introduction: Camadini / Trade - Association of Architects Brescia
Sistema Brescia for expo: Giancarlo Turati
The project of Italy pavilion: arch. Susanna Tradati - Nemesi Studio & Partners
Cement for building innovative italcementi Italian expo 2015: Roberta Alfani - responsible for research on the concrete biodynamic

The meeting was organized in collaboration with the Cultural Association Archindonne.




Diplomacy between countries also goes by the culture. This was the message of the Second Conference on China-Italy cultural diplomacy and creative industries which was held July 22 at the Conference Centre at Expo Milano 2015. The meeting, organized by the Priority Culture chaired by Francesco Rutelli by the China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA), also he participated NEMESI with a speech focused on the Italian Pavilion and the direction outlined by this important experience.

We need to invest in culture

Among the people who took the floor, also the former Foreign Minister of the Republic of China Li Zhaoxing (Chairman of CPDA) who emphasized the importance of collaboration between Italy and China that is leading to the sharing of many experiences both in terms of cultural and environmental. After him, it was the highlight of the Under Secretary to the Ministry of Arts, the Cultural and Tourism Ilaria Borletti Buitoni who said: "The relations between Italy and China are strengthened by cultural tourism. Protect the traditions and the environment is essential for a better life, so it is important to value both aspects without underestimating the differences. "

The birth of the alliance of the cities of the Silk Road

Li Ruiyu, Ambassador of China in Italy, made the point citing some important numbers on the role that Italy has to Beijing: "You are a country in which to invest also in terms of culture. Chinese students who come to study in Italy are 50 thousand every year while tourists have touched share two million. " Numbers have grown rapidly in recent years and have become an incentive for the development of new partnerships as evidenced by the commercial point of view by the President of Ferrero Francesco Paolo Fulci. The meeting which was held at Expo is the second of three. The first was held in Rome on 21 July. The delegation met with the President of the Republic at the Quirinale Sergio Mattarella. The final is scheduled for July 23 at the Venice Biennale, where he held the first Forum of the cooperation of the cities of the Silk Road.


Tuesday, June 30, from 14:30 in the Great Hall of the University of Urbino the first of a series of events to shed light on the most prestigious projects of the Expo with Nemesi and Norman Foster, designers respectively of the Italy Pavilion and UAE Pavilion.

A unique opportunity to live the present and the future of the Expo. In the frame of Urbino, UNESCO World Heritage city since 1998, chosen by the Marche region as a garrison for the Promotion of Culture Expo, we will host the first in a series of Expo day.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday, June 30 in the auditorium of the University of Urbino where the chair will alternate the designers who built the palace and the Italian Pavilion of the UAE, names of excellence in the field of architecture and lighting design. Together with Studio Nemesi also Foster + Partners, David Atkinson Lighting Design and Land Design Studio.

Seek to promote culture which belongs to the history iGuzzini. Light On is the cycle of initiatives that are designed to culturally enrich the territory by organizing meetings with leading architects and design professionals who experiment with visionary contemporary look and the relationship between form, technology and light.

Palazzo Italy and the Pavilion of the United Arab represent the cutting edge of more than 40 areas illuminated by iGuzzini in this edition of the Expo. A unique achievement in the history of this event: never before has a company had been selected as a supplier to a large number of pavilions, clusters, central areas or companies.


Tuesday, June 23, at 19.30 in the Auditorium of Palazzo in Italy Expo 2015 was presented the book and the documentary of the Italian Pavilion. The book "Italian Pavilion Expo Milano 2015", published by Skira, curated by Luca Molinari and pictures of Luigi Filetici will then be sold inside the exhibition site and in bookstores. The documentary "This Is Me", produced by Scarfilm and Nemesis, directed and screenplay by Paolo Scarfo and Raffaele Festa Campanile will be presented in international festivals and on digital thematic channels.

Program of the evening:

Institutional welcome
Mrs. Diana Bracco - President and General Commissioner Expo 2015 Italy Pavilion

Moderator Walter Mariotti

the editor of the book Luca Molinari
Michele Molè and Susanna Tradati-Nemesi- designers of the Italian Pavilion
Proger-BMS - engineering and cost management Pavilion Italy
Italcementi cement Group- the active biodynamic Palace Italy
Styl-Comp Group - construction panels branched Palace Italy
Stahlbau Pichler - realization sailing coverage Palace Italy
the directors of the documentary film Paul Scarfo and Raffaele Festa Campanile.

Auditorium of Palazzo in Italy Expo 2015

230 places - Admission to availability


The May 22, 2015 The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Moscow organized the Business Forum entitled "Italy - Russia: the modern challenges in bilateral relations" at the Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration of the Russian Federation (RANEPA) in Moscow.

Greet participants prof. Mau (RANEPA, rector), Dr. Ceriomin (Moscow Government, Minister), Dr. Ragaglini (Italian Ambassador in Russia), Dr. Forte (ICE-Moscow, director), Dr. Vardanian (Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Moscow, vice-president).

On the prospects of collaboration Italy-Russia in EXPO 2015 panel will be moderated by KV Krokhin (Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Moscow, the President of the Commission on Cooperation with Italy) and will be discussed in the halls of the Participating Countries as a way to express the quintessence of national interests in the world economy.

On this issue NEMESI & Partners will dialogue with Italdesign Giugiaro and director Nemeriuk (Moscow Government, Minister, Director of the Department of trade and services.

From 19 to 20 May 2015, in the MiCo - Milan conference center the international magazine The Plan promotes the new edition of Perspective, the International Forum of architecture that is intended to stimulate the exchange of new ideas and research, and the creation of new business opportunities .

Perspective brings together the full range of sector operators: long-standing and up-and-coming architecture, engineering and consultancy firms, avant- garde research units, developers and real estate operators at the top end of the contemporary architecture market, as well as main contractors.

Michele Molè this year will be a member of the jury in the prestigious Award and The Plan will, as a Keynote Speaker, a speech of 25 minutes on the Italian pavilion in the late morning of Wednesday, May 20. We point out that the Italian Pavilion is also a finalist in the The Plan Award, in the category of mixed use.


During FuoriSalone 2015, Italcementi in collaboration with Interni magazine organizes four meetings about the architecture.

On April, 15th at 10 am Susanna Tradati will give a conference about Palazzo Italia at i.lab research and innovation center of Italcementi in Bergamo.

Palazzo Italia is considered an architectural and constructive challenge for the complexity and innovation in design, materials and technologies used.
2,000 tons of Biodynamic concrete
over 700 branched panels all differents
The full external façade of Palazzo Italia will be clad in over 700 BIODYNAMIC concrete panels with Italcementi's patented TX Active technology. When this material comes into contact with light, it can "capture" pollution in the air, transforming it into inert salts and reducing smog levels.