"20 Cities x 20 Conferences", the series of events sponsored by The Plan, made stops in Cagliari on November 3rd and Susanna Tradati was invited to give a presentation.

The theme of the conference was: Architecture, design and quality, opportunities for integration between architectural design and specialist and the relationship with business and industry.

There is no doubt that Italian Palazzo has been an extraordinary collaboration between the worlds of design, research and industry: a big chance taken, at least for a time.

Last day for Expo 2015 but Italy Palace will remain as testimony to this extraordinary adventure and the unique mix of talent, skills and will power that can really bring our country out of crisis.

They will remain in place, as well as Palace Italy, even Pavilion Zero, the Tree of Life and Cascina Triulza and will be back in business just removed the other facilities. Mr Hall explained that "for a number of logistical and security, as long as there will be the disassembly we can not guarantee activities. But we plan to freeze the existing and to reopen in the spring. "

On November 10, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced in Milan on general project for the next EXPO: "Human Technopole. Italy 2040". Where now there are the pavilions of Expo will create a large center in the world that deals with the theme of genomics, big data, nutrition, food and sustainability.

Renzi also stated that the project is "totally synergistic" with the University of Milan that intends to bring there their scientific faculties and build a campus, and with that of the private world. According to the premier, and the research center will therefore only one of the "spark" that will make the area more attractive for private investment.

Between appointments IED, open the lesson of IED Rome, Monday, October 26 the school has hosted Design Michele Molè to reflect on the international experience of country branding Expo in Milan: "Diplomacy design / EXPO: an opportunity for country branding?".

Underlying the conference the idea that the emergence of large-scale events as EXPO the country branding is becoming an indispensable tool for the management and highlighted the reputational capital.

Also they are speaking Gabriele String, Chief editor BoBos, web editor Grace House and lecturer Academy of Luxury and a high representative of the 'Embassy Azerbaijan, moderate arch. Giuseppe Pasquali Scientific Director IED Rome.

Nemesi in the evening of October 23 presented the documentary film "This is me" over the Palazzo Italy at the International Festival of documentaries on art and architecture "Video Conversations" hosted at the House of Architecture in Rome.

This is me is the story of the Italian Pavilion at EXPO 2015, the people who have designed and of those who built it. From initial opening to the public, witnesses and a year of hard work, a year that has left its mark.

Rosario Pavia, Professor in Urban Planning at the Faculty of Architecture of Pescara, and member of the Executive INARCH Lazio introduced the film that tell it genesis and construction of the Italian Pavilion created by Studio Nemesi at EXPO 2015. A follow c ' stat is the screening of the film in the presence of the directors Paul Scarfo and Raffaele Festa Campanile.

This is me
directed by Paul Scarfo, Raffaele Festa Campanile, production: Scarfilm Italy srl, Italy Nemesis, 2014, 56 ', Italian, English subtitles

Michele Molè was invited to speak at the conference "Materiality Innovation. Project Culture, Language and Research" held at the Great Hall of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, October 22, 2015.

The aim of the conference was to ensure that we could meet and discuss, at the same table, several figures, professional and scientific, on the relationship between New Materiality and project, with reference to experimental research on innovative materials and its impact on the Project of Architecture .

The conference, organized in collaboration with the Department of Architecture and Land art OAPPC Mediterranean University and the province of Reggio Calabria, was sponsored by SITdA, Company Italian Architectural Technology, and was held in collaboration with Italcementi.



Nemesi attended the event "Udine hosts Beauty", the first major public demonstration in support of the proposed constitutional reform to recognize the beauty in Article 1 of the Constitution, supported by a group of parliamentarians and members of the academic and professional and chaired by Serena Pellegrino.

Three days of events, from Friday to Sunday, in twenty different places of the capital of Friuli: among the guests the secretary of the Ministry of Environment Barbara Degani, president of the comission for Constitutional Affairs, Mr Andrea Mazziotti of Celsus and the President of the Commission work of the Chamber of Deputies, Cesare Damiano.

Michele Mole held his speech Sunday, October 11th in the symposium "The Historical and Artistic Heritage Cultural: a resource material and immaterial" and participated in the subsequent discussion with the audience and the other speakers:

Philippe Daverio, art historian, Antonio Presti President of the Foundation Fiumara d'Arte, Franco Oss Noser President of the Regional Unions of AGIS, actress Daniela Poggi, Antonella Bona director of the Army National Italian band. Moderator: Giorgio Santelli.


Nemesi was invited to the "Made in Italy on the field", two days of meetings in Baku to promote the internationalization of Italian firms organized by ICE, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the FIGC during the qualifying match next European Football.

'Made in Italy on the Field' it is the new format of promotion for the country related to football. In this first meeting, the Ministry of Economic Development and ICE-Agency organized in Baku two days of meetings attended by the representatives of the Football Association, which on this occasion will expose the four World Cups won by the Azzurri.

The FIGC also helped define the program of the Master Class on 10 October with the participation of architect Francesco Delogu from Nemesis, together, among others, with Fabrizio Giugiaro (Italdesign Giugiaro) and Alberto Pacchioni (Technogym) .


Nemesi participated last October 1 to the big event organized by Lazio Innova in the auditorium of the Ara Pacis Museum: "The LAZIO at EXPO 2015: a region that is opened to the world in the Italian Pavillion".

The president of Lazio Innova, Stefano Fantacone, introduced what we might call a true keynote about the Italian Pavilion by Michael Mole, who through a story in pictures and scientific-philosophical reflections stimulated the audience reconstructing the path philological the architectural, social, cultural and anthropological which is the basis of his project.

The realization of works and highly innovative technology, such as that of the Italian Pavilion, I can represent the hope of a change of direction in designing new buildings in our country, where now unfortunately, and for too long, there is no more but only Architecture simple construction.




Our office was invited to Brazil for a tour of conferences in major cultural centers and universities in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

In particular, on September 11, Michael Mole and Susanna Tradati were guests of the Chamber of Commerce of St. Paul Italobrasiliana ITALCAM, which organized with the Italian Cultural Institute of San Paolo IIC a major event related to EXPO Milano 2015.

September 16 Nemesis was able to present the draft Palace Italy also the UFRJ - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, in an event organized by the Italian Institute of Culture in Rio de Janeiro.

A great opportunity to learn about a wonderful country, rich in natural beauty and a great love for modernity, also expressed great architecture and fascinating cities.




Nemesis has participated, last September 10 in the auditorium of the Palazzo Italy EXPO Milano 2015, the official launch of i.active Biodynamic, Biodynamic cement developed by Italcementi that has found its first, extraordinary application, in Italy Palace.

The entire outer surface and the interior are made of concrete panels i.active biodynamic biodynamic, made with technology Styl-Comp using the new material designed i.lab, the heart of research and innovation Italcementi. A structure that evokes a forest composed of elements with complex shapes, made possible also with extraordinary mechanical and plastic product.

The Chief Executive Officer Carlo Pesenti, Susanna Tradati for Nemesis, Imperadori Marco, professor of the Polytechnic of Milan and the Director of Research and Development laboratories and the Technical Centre for Enrico Borgarello Italcementi group have drawn the picture of the successful collaboration between us and the Italcementi Group , which has led to the testing and development within dell'i.lab, the research center and business innovation "LEED Platinum" created and designed by Richard Meier in the technology park KilometroRosso of Bergamo, of the cement with which it was made the Petrified Forest whose shapes are of plastically outside the pavilion.

This unique material is now ready to launch on the international market and we hope to help bring even further its development in new architectures around the world.