At the opening of the cycle of conferences that the MAXXI museum dedicated to the Expo Milano 2015, Nemesis presents the current realization of the Italian Pavilion, the architectural work that represents Italy in the world exhibition, and that is already a symbol.

The Pavilion, composed of "Palazzo Italia" and the buildings of the "Cardo", is considered an architectural and constructive challenge for the complexity and innovation in design, materials and technologies. Palazzo Italia, the only permanent building at the Expo, reaches a height of 35 meters, the highest peak within the site of the World Fair.

The conference will be introduced by Giovanna Melandri - President Foundation MAXXI - and Margherita Guccione - Director MAXXI Architecture -. Afterwards, the institutional greeting Alberto Mina - Director for External Relations and Institutional Pavilion Italy - which will introduce Michele Mole, founder and director of Nemesi, who will present the state of the pavilion he designed to the public of Rome, the city where is the headquartered of Nemesi.
March 17, 2015
17 hours
MAXXI museum in Rome - Auditorium
free admission to availability


Michele Molè presents design and construction process of the Italian Pavilion Expo 2015 at MIPIM - the most important International Exhibition dedicated to real esate - in the main day of the Italian participation, on March 12: the Italian Day.

In the afternoon, from 15.30, there will be the interventions of many highest institutional authorities and private actors with the opening of Carlo Calenda, Vice Minister of Italian Economic Development, and the closing presentation of the architect Molè about the Italian Pavilion Expo 2015, a new paradigm of urban renaissance.

The stand will host the exhibition of the model of the Italian Pavilion at 1:50 showing the architectural design from Nemesi.
March 12, 2015
17:50 hours
Palais des Festivals in Cannes
Riviera 8 stand B10
ICE Agency in collaboration with ANCE, under the aegis of the Ministry of Economic Development


Less than two months before the opening of Expo 2015, Susanna Tradati will participate at the conference CNAPPC on the topic of gender equality to tell his "feminine" approach to the project of Palazzo Italia.

Friday, March 6 from 9:30 to 17:30 in Rome at the headquarters of the National Council of Architects, via Santa Maria dell'Anima 10, the conference "The profession female" will be also an opportunity to present the initiatives of Project Aequale, the first tool of National Order to promote equal opportunities.

At the end of the day will be screened the film / documentary "From a pratical point of view" (Directed by Wilma Kuijvenhoven and Magda Augusteijn, Holland, 2013, national premiere), fascinating history of first female Dutch architect and how, through architecture, has tried to change the role of women in society.

The conference will be broadcast live streaming on

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It’s on going the book about the Italy Pavilion architectural design and construction curated by Luca Molinari with Nemesi and published by Skira.

Purpose of the volume is to show the Pavilion from the competition to the project, with a focus on technology, innovation and sustainability in terms of design and construction of Palazzo Italia, to get to the completion of construction works.

The story, through texts and photographic documentation of the construction site by Luigi Filetici, will create a high-profile volume.

The book will be realized with the collaboration of design partners, Proger SpA, BMS Progetti Srl, Prof. Eng. Livio De Santoli as well as the companies involved in the realization of the Italy Pavilion: Italcementi SpA, Styl-Comp Group, Stahlbau Pichler Srl.

Two and half months from the Milan Expo 2015 opening, the newspaper Corriere della Sera documents the Palazzo Italia construction, from the architectural concept until to the current construction phase, through a video-interview with the designer of the building: Michele Molè.

Starting from the conception of the building, through the design of the covering large sail and of the branched façade for which it has been created a complex and original design, up to the current construction phase that sees the completion of the glass facades and the advancement of the assembly of the panels, all unique pieces, for the branched façade in white photocatalytic concrete.

During the interview, Molè anticipated one of the next important moments, the construction, above the inner square, of a big glazed skylight hanging over the central stair that will allow to gather in a suggestive manner the rainwater.

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