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  • Year: 2016
  • Location: Milan
  • Client: generali real estate
  • Status: Feasibility Study
  • Contents:


    Design: Nemesi Studio
    Location: Milan
    Year: 2016
    Client: Generali Real estate
    Area: 20.569 mq
    Program: 39.879 mq
    Mission: Feasibility Study







The Project of the new Via Bassi Business Park intends to build a layered image with a strong landscape and Urban Landmark connotation for Milan.
The design identifies a highly recognizable vertical landmark, in dialogue with the urban scale, by searching the relationship with the neighborhood, through the design of a landscaped platform that represents the other important functional core of the Master Plan.
Plot's insistence in the Isola neighborhood is an important aspect to which the Master Plan looks for, seeking a comparison with the adjacent buildings.
The objective is to create a modern Directional Campus that identifies and organizes in a coherent way public and private spaces, common services and offices, primary and secondary accesses to the Complex.
The project works on the idea of ​​stratification and excavation, both in the articulation of the Volume of the Tower, as well as in the horizontal volume connected to it, and the underlying volume-landscape.




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