Announcement of the winner and award ceremony for the international competition to design the Italy Pavilion Milan Expo 2015

19 April 2013


The winning project interprets the competition brief with particular expressive care and independent formal interpretation, designing and sharing the theme of 'Feeding the planet, Energy for Life' with a clear and comprehensive architectural character with the prefigurations introduced by the concept.

It became clear how the architectural core in all its complexity is capable of restoring the sense of nature.

A 'nest' architecture, an obvious transposition of the nursery, of the civic sense of belonging to a community in a nutshell.

The development of the project, both for the temporary works aligned along the Cardo and for Palazzo Italia, allows a gradual and safe and exhibition and functional route, describing a floor plan full of charm and never repetitive.

This condition feeds a greater sense of surprise and curiosity, which is essential to describe the sense of living, our daily lives and the spaces of the community.

The technological choices proposed with a view of environmental sustainability of the building appear to be convincing, both in terms of the passive design of Palazzo Italia and for the temporary and flexible nature of the buildings facing onto the Cardo.