03 December 2015

Italian pavilion awarded in China to Idea-Tops 2015

International Competition Idea-Tops International Competition Idea-Tops

Nemesi has been awarded with the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2015 First Prize for Digital Architecture at the International Competition Idea-Tops 2015. The awards ceremony, held in Shenzhen last Thursday, December 3, has been an extraordinary example of the growing attention in China to the international architecture of quality.

The prestigious international jury included among others the professor at Yale University Joel Sanders and David Howard, expert on sustainable design at Oxford University. As reported by Professor Antonino Saggio, only Italian member, the project received unanimous appreciation "primarily in terms of technology and production, for the use of materials with a positive environment, also for the development of design BIM integrated quality which allowed the architects to also coordinate the execution, finally from the spatial point of view for the permeability and the richness of events ".

Eligible projects had passed through two phases of selections on line before the work of the jury and the prize in China has enjoyed a high media coverage has also conveyed the contents of Italian excellence that have made this project possible.


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Italian pavilion awarded in China to Idea-Tops 2015


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