10 September 2015

Nemesis at the launch of biodynamic cement by Italcementi

i.active Biodynamic: Palazzo Italia EXPO 2015 i.active Biodynamic: Palazzo Italia EXPO 2015


Nemesis has participated, last September 10 in the auditorium of the Palazzo Italy EXPO Milano 2015, the official launch of i.active Biodynamic, Biodynamic cement developed by Italcementi that has found its first, extraordinary application, in Italy Palace.

The entire outer surface and the interior are made of concrete panels i.active biodynamic biodynamic, made with technology Styl-Comp using the new material designed i.lab, the heart of research and innovation Italcementi. A structure that evokes a forest composed of elements with complex shapes, made possible also with extraordinary mechanical and plastic product.

The Chief Executive Officer Carlo Pesenti, Susanna Tradati for Nemesis, Imperadori Marco, professor of the Polytechnic of Milan and the Director of Research and Development laboratories and the Technical Centre for Enrico Borgarello Italcementi group have drawn the picture of the successful collaboration between us and the Italcementi Group , which has led to the testing and development within dell'i.lab, the research center and business innovation "LEED Platinum" created and designed by Richard Meier in the technology park KilometroRosso of Bergamo, of the cement with which it was made the Petrified Forest whose shapes are of plastically outside the pavilion.

This unique material is now ready to launch on the international market and we hope to help bring even further its development in new architectures around the world.


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