16 February 2015

Corriere della Sera: interview with Michele Molè at Palazzo Italia construction site

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Two and half months from the Milan Expo 2015 opening, the newspaper Corriere della Sera documents the Palazzo Italia construction, from the architectural concept until to the current construction phase, through a video-interview with the designer of the building: Michele Molè.

Starting from the conception of the building, through the design of the covering large sail and of the branched façade for which it has been created a complex and original design, up to the current construction phase that sees the completion of the glass facades and the advancement of the assembly of the panels, all unique pieces, for the branched façade in white photocatalytic concrete.

During the interview, Molè anticipated one of the next important moments, the construction, above the inner square, of a big glazed skylight hanging over the central stair that will allow to gather in a suggestive manner the rainwater.

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